Russian cloud personal data hosting Federal Law 152 (Federal Law 242)

Cloud FL152 (Federal Law 152 / Federal Law 242)- relieve the operator of Personal Data of the cost of the creation and possession of protected IT-infrastructure to meet the requirements of Federal law 152 also it fits Federl Law 242. 100% Russian Hosting.
ISPD in Cloud FL 152

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Cloud FL 152

"Cloud FL 152" solution frees the operator of PD of the cost of the creation and possession of protected IT-infrastructure to meet the requirements of federal law 152.

Main advantages of  "Cloud FL 152"

  • Personal data hosting by Cloud4Y fits Federal Law 152 and Federal Law 242
  • Separate secure, certified and certified "cloud" to accommodate the ISPD; 
  • Certification mechanisms virtualization hypervisor computing resources management system virtualized data network, virtualization platforms and storage systems; 
  • Provision of security services (based on certified remedies) that can be used by customers, post your ISPD in the cloud.

ISPD organization

  • Cloud4Y able to take part as personal data operator 
  • Frees the operator of PD on the costs of creating and setting secure IT-infrastructure; 
  • Frees the operator from legal responsibility for compliance with the FL 152; 
  • Allows you to use the system-wide and special software provider; 
  • Allows you to receive support of IT-infrastructure with highly qualified personnel 24x7

"Cloud FL 152" features

  • Provide personal data processing
  • Accommodation ISPD provided as a service, that is, the customer does not have a capex; 
  • Cloud4Y acts as the person responsible for the protection of Personal Data on behalf of the operator; 
  • The system was certified by FSTEC licensees, which confirms its compliance with safety requirements. Applied protective equipment have been assessed in accordance with the established procedure. Сerticates have been issued by the relevant authorities of the FSTEC and the FSB of Russia; 
  • The certificates for the various elements of the cloud, implementing security features (hypervisor protection integrated into the cloud, the remedies offered to customers as the security services; 
  • Set of organizational and technical measures, allowing customers to ensure the impossibility of threats by staff and by other customers located "next door" in the cloud

Regulations and classification

Read the text of the Federal Law on personal data №152. 
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